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Choose from a vast selection of Farrow and Ball Paint.


Farrow & Ball has been making paint in Dorset, one batch at a time, since the company was founded and remains one of only a few companies making a full range of traditional and modern paint finishes of the highest quality.

The depth and beauty of our paint colours are unmatched by other paints. We use more high quality pigments and resins and no low quality ‘fillers’, which gives our colours visibly greater depth and purity often referred to as the ‘Farrow & Ball look’. Unlike many other manufacturers we use naturally occurring pigments, such as Umbers in their purest form, and we continue to use natural ingredients such as Chalk, Lime Putty and China Clay.

Our colour accuracy and quality is second to none as we have complete control over every tin of paint and roll of wallpaper we produce. Everything is made in our factory in Dorset and we don’t allow anyone else to make our products for us.

Farrow & Ball paints grace the walls of some of the most beautiful homes across the world. The colours and finishes are historically rooted, meticulously researched, and reflect our unique heritage. The same distinctive approach applies to our wallpaper: we are unique in using our own paints and traditional printing methods to create wallpapers of exceptional texture and beauty.

All our paints are water based, eco friendly and comply with the latest EU environmental legislation regarding the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of paints. Our finishes are all low in odour and classified as either low or minimal VOC. These water based paints can be applied to surfaces previously painted in an oil based finish. However, surfaces painted in oil based paint require a minimum of two weeks drying time before water based paint is applied on top.

Farrow & Ball oil based paint finishes are no longer available.

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