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Help when choosing Fabrics

It's best to put as much time and care in to selecting your fabrics as it is any other aspect of interior decor. The result of careful consideration will be items that sit well in their chosen setting and add to the ambience of your home for many years. To choose the right fabrics you need to follow just a few simple rules.

Fabric Functionality

How and where you are going to use fabrics is the first place to start. Aim to make sure that it is practically fit for the purpose. Anything that is going to be sat on regularly will demand a fabric that can withstand handling, and can withstand being cleaned with a damp cloth in case of accidental food & drink spillages.

Furnishing fabrics are usually labeled with guidelines on how they can be used. The best thing is to have access to a knowledgeable fabric retailer who can advise you on the practicalities of any fabrics that you may choose; this is where ADS fabrix comes in.

When selecting fabrics for upholstery you need to choose your fabric to match the use and style of your chairs for example: Robust hard wearing cottons with small repeat designs will work much better than silks. However, if you are upholstering a dining chair that is likely to be used very little, but rather act as a visual accent, you really do not need to worry too much about practical usage considerations.

Style considerations

Once you have understood the practicalities of choosing fabrics you need to look in detail at the style considerations. The shape and finish of any furniture you are upholstering will govern to a large part of possible fabric choices. Simple rustic chairs will lend themselves to modest cottagey materials such as natural unbleached linen. In contrast, you could make a statement by choosing a fabric which clashes with the inherent character of the furniture.

If there are any motifs such as in the mouldings or carvings on the furniture, you can use this as the theme for the patterns you choose with a fabric e.g. silk damask with a Napoleonic bee motif could go well on a chair with beehive finials.

Fabric choices can also be influenced by the overall shape of a piece of furniture. Choosing a sharp dobby-weave for a straight edged sofa will emphasise the geometric lines. On the other hand, if you wanted to play down its contemporary feel, you could mute the angles by choosing a sinuously patterned fabric with rich texture, and by adding cushions covered in a variety of toning fabrics and soft shapes.

Where your furniture sits historically can also give you inspiration in fabric selection. You can go with the flow and choose something that matches. For example, with a Georgian chair you could apply a silk damask. In contrast to this, you could go for an ultramodern fabric like synthetic suede or neoprene.

Another factor influencing the choice of fabrics for furniture is position and placement in a room. Do you want the piece to merge naturally with its surroundings or to stand out and make a visual statement. You can create conformity between disparate collections of furniture by uniting them in the same fabric.

If you have pieces of furniture in different colours, for instance a sofa in one colour and an armchair in another, you could create harmony by making some cushions from both colours and mismatching. For example, if you had a red sofa and a yellow armchair, make some cushions in red and yellow and place the red cushions on the yellow armchair and the yellow cushions on the red sofa. It sounds simple but it works.

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