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With over 25 years of supplying the home decor marketplace, prestigious textiles offer a huge array of wallpaper collections. These include conventional types of wallpapers, in addition to high spec vinyl's and nonwovens which facilitate quick and simple application to walls.

ADS fabrics supply a large range of fabrics and wall coverings by prestigious textiles. The wall coverings offered are applicable for residential and commercial situations. Flexibility is key to the success of the prestigious range. There are many types of substrates available for different applications, such as paper, vinyl and non woven. The wall coverings are manufactured using advanced techniques including digital and surface printing. They also utilised textured finishes, foil finishes and glosses.


The vivo wall coverings comprise of eight designs and draw on sculpture and architecture for their design elements. If you're looking for embossed metallic, iridescent highlights, flocks and freestyle motifs then the Vivo range from prestigious is just what you need.


This is a contemporary and stylish wall covering collection comprising of nonwovens and luxurious new vinyl's. If you're looking for some think crumple, or a more bold and detailed iridescent metallic, make sure to check out the urban collection from prestigious.


this is a very imaginative collection comprising of florals, stippled stripes, marbling and classic images. Comprising of six non woven designs which make wallpapering and pasting a much easier application, along with two vinyl's, the capital Icon range will provide the interior designer with an advanced palette. If you're looking for metallic's, more subtle tones or to apply to walls, have a look here.

Jet Set

This is a collection of five stunning wallpapers that make use of bright and engaging designs to appeal to those trying to find a interior design scheme for children's rooms.

In The Picture

This Prestigious collection comprises of six non woven wall coverings which enable you to apply them using the paste-the-wall technique. If you're looking for something avant-garde this is for you as they consist of a combination of barcode stripes, ingenious geometric patterns, rococo style mirrors etc. The collection also includes a semi-plain final available in a range of natural tones.


This is a fun and contemporary book of non woven wallpapers. If you are looking for something very spirited combined with paste the wall application then these 10 designs will appeal to you. The 10 very different designs combine holographic, bead embellished, natural abstracts, luxurious semi-planes and stripes.


This is a collection of seven wall coverings designed to appeal to those looking for an ambient softer interior scheme.


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