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No matter what the interior decoration on a room’s walls, ceiling and flooring, it is the style and coverings of the furnishings inside that will offer the room in your home its ultimate individuality. This is where Zoffany fabrics and wallcoverings come into their own. At its most basic, an area with white-colored wall surfaces and white flooring, full of pieces of furniture which have been upholstered in luxurious velvets and vibrant, glassy dyed silks, will present a really powerful, vibrant style in which colour rules. The interest will be drawn to the forms of the furniture, set off by the simple, clear background.

The same area can be totally transformed by the introduction of a distinctive kind of furniture decoration. To create ambiance and texture in the same room in your home, the focus changes to creamy whitened wooden furniture with cream-on-cream textured cushion fabrics and loosely draped light cotton over settees and seats, with maybe a couple of warm red and terracotta details - ties for the soft cushions or perhaps a decorated seat.

When carrying out the interior decoration of a living space, usually the wall surfaces and maybe the floor coverings will be dealt with to begin with. And when time, effort and funds have gone into significant renovation, focus on re-covering or enhancing the furnishings might not be regarded as important for a while. This is a pity, for along with adding hugely to the ultimate ‘look’ of a living space, the pieces on or in which we sit down, sleep at night, relax, eat, store and work figure as essential functional components in our everyday life. You should account for these factors, not just in relation to finances and functionality, but also for the impact they produce inside the room.

Zoffany fabrics are possibly the most enjoyable and functional means of covering and adorning the surfaces of home furnishings. Upholstering, wrapping, hanging, cushioning -  Zoffany fabric comes alive when employed imaginatively. From the finest, flimsiest linen to the most textured and mightiest of brocaded velvet, the capabilities of fabric for beautifying and improving furnishings are endless. As well as the Zoffany fabric, you can find plaits, buttons and add ons to really rejuvenate an item of material, establish the curve of a couch or emphasize the folds of window curtains.

Fabric may also be embellished very effectively with paint or dye, in both a relatively controlled approach, like with stencilling, or by making use of the far more random technique of hand-painted applications. Paint is also ideal for directly applying to the surfaces of household furniture. Organic effects can be replicated or instant ‘ageing’ techniques applied for those that desire a more beaten, lived-in feel to their home furnishings. You can choose the rapid method by using color in a really free manner, like colourwashing where layers are applied and reapplied to produce the required impact.

The finish can be altered readily to match the atmosphere of the whole room, changing the surface paint colour or ‘texture’ as quickly as changing a cushion cover. Other fabric based approaches require more time and precision and due to this have a more long term, possibly more regal feel to them - the difference between a scrubbed pine table and an antique mahogany desk backed by sumptuous velevety Zoffany wallcoverings will be obvious. Each has its place - it all depends on the effect you want to achieve.